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Why is the Haute Route Alps a unique experience?

The Haute Route Alps is the ultimate challenge for any cyclist, but above all it is a unique experience of unparalleled richness.

Apart from being the founding event of the Haute Route series, the Haute Route Alps is much more than just a race. It is a week full of encounters and spectacular places during which you can experience the same roads and services as a professional cyclists. 

The founding event of the Haute Route 

Held for the first time in 2011, the Haute Route Alps was the first event of the Haute Route series. More than 300 riders from 27 different countries took part in the first edition, and all of them were seduced by this innovative format ofacyclosportive by stage. However, the route was not the simplest, with 720 kilometers and 17,000 meters of altitude difference, the Haute Route Alps proudly bore its nickname of the hardest and highest cyclosportive in the world.

The concept of the event has not changed since this great premiere - 7 consecutive days of racing with stages passing through the most incredible passes in the world. A unique format that makes the Haute Route Alps the ultimate challenge for all amateur cyclists. The Haute Route Alps have had many little sisters on 3 continents since 2013 with the appearance of the Haute Route Dolomites and Haute Route Pyrenees, none of them has the status or the prestige of the Haute Route Alps.


The first 7-day stage race open to cyclists across the globe

The catalogue of cyclosportives is very extensive these days and the number of cycling races open to amateurs is growing every year, but none of them are like the Haute Route Alps. Very few offer the experience of a stage race and no other event hosts it over 7 stages, in 7 consecutive days. There are races as long as this reserved for professional cyclists, but the Haute Route Alps is the only one specifically dedicated to amateur cyclists. Throughout the week the Haute Route team does everything possible to allow our riders to feel like a pro by providing a safe route without having to worry about logistics and supplies.  

Monika Sattler (Switzerland) - Haute Route Alps 2017 rider

"What I love about the Haute Route is that you are really going from one place to another  during 7 days. You are moving places the entire time, it is definitely a road trip."

Croix de Fer

The most prestigious passes

In 7 days, the riders of the Haute Route Alps have the opportunity to climb fifteen of the most iconic passes in the world and the highest in Europe, such as the Cime de la Bonnette or the Col du Galibier. All of them, as high as they may be, are high points of cycling, where champions have been writing the history of cycling for over a century. For a week, pedal stroke after pedal stroke, you will live the legend of these roads. In 2023, the Haute Route Alps does not break with this tradition with another incredible route planned. 

Nicolas Roux (France) - Haute Route 2017 winner

"These are really passes that have made cycling history, there have been failures, exploits and that's why people come here, to write their own history."


The "mini Tour de France" for amateurs cyclists

In addition to the fact that the riders take the same roads as the Tour de France every year (see Crossroads: Haute Route x Tour de France), the Haute Route treats you like a professional cyclist throughout the week. 

First of all, on the road, a real race echelon is set up for your safety, from the opening car to the broom wagon and the Mavic assistance vehicles that come to your aid for any incident on the road. 

As on the Tour de France, a team of professionals is also at your disposal for your comfort, whether it is on the bike with feed zones scattered along the route or once the stage is over. Every day in the village, your luggage is taken care of and transported to the finish, masseurs are available to help you recover after the effort and a briefing is held every day to prepare for the next day's stage.

So, for a week, your only concern is to push the pedals and enjoy the alpine roads. We take care of the rest.


Ian Hennessy (Ireland) - Haute Route ambassador

"Riding in a peloton with moto out riders, full neutral supports, hundreds of volunteers along the road directing the traffic and supporting the riders. It is as close as amateurs can get to experiencing professionnal cyclists do."



A unique atmosphere

Whether it is the legendary nature of the destination or the richness of the encounters, the Haute Route Alps is truly unique. Each participant is there to take up the same challenge, the challenge of a lifetime, everyone is in the same boat and helps each other to reach the end of this week. For a whole week, regardless of nationality or ideas, everyone is above all a cyclist. On the road, in the village, or at the apero-briefing, the peloton behaves like a big family. Everyone is united for the same cause, everyone becomes a brother in arms and great stories of friendship are born over the course of the stages and moments of conviviality. An atmosphere and a mood so particular to the Haute Route Alps that make it not just a sporting challenge but a real human adventure.


Luise Valentin (Denmark) – 2021 Haute Route Alps winner

"The atmosphere is actually my favorite things about Haute Route so far,  you are really on the road toghether and everyone has the same painful experience every day"


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