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The best cycling Instagram accounts

There’s loads of things to love about Instagram. From destination inspiration to the stories from the road, the best accounts share an open and real love for the sport of cycling in all its forms. There’s truly something for everyone on Instagram, but if you’re in need of some additional inspiration, check out some of our favourites below.

Words: Ashleigh Maxwell

The Radavist @theradavist

Quirky cycling adventure content to spark your imagination.


Ruby Isaac aka @rubywisaac

This 13-year-old Brit has captured the hearts of cyclists all over the world with big stoke for road biking and some serious roller skills.

Tegan Phillip aka @teganphillipcomics

Tegan Phillip gives a sharp and refreshing take on the real-life adventure behind big biking ambitions.


Tyler Pearce aka  @the_vegan_cyclist 

Tyler Pearce is a plant-based amateur athlete, but his channel isn’t about food as much as it is about celebrating the cycling lifestyle we all aspire to with super-fun, quality content.


Feed Zone News aka  @feedzonenews

Cycling news parody at its best.


Cycling Tips aka  @cyclingtips

More than just news, we like the Cycling Tips Instagram account for its mix of content that is sure to spark debate.


Rouleur Magazine aka  @rouleurmagazine

Rouleur’s no holds barred approach is holding the sport of cycling accountable like no-one else.


Jered Gruber aka  @jeredgruber

Gruber captures everything we love about competitive cycling and combines it with intimate and honest insights from someone who clearly lives and breathes the sport.


Russ Ellis aka  @kramon_velophoto

Russ Ellis gives a close up look into the professional peloton with some of the most important images from the Grand Tours.


Mark Cavendish aka  @markcavendish

Cavendish’s Instagram account is a rare, honest and refreshing take from inside the pro peloton.

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