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The Haute Route

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2021 Haute Route Partner Lineup

As part of our promise to you, we said we’d deliver an unparalleled level of support and service. For us, this means on your bike, off your bike, before, after and during each and every Haute Route event. From year-round training platforms, ...

Real answers to the big questions: with Ade Hill

Why should professionals be the only ones to answer the sport’s biggest questions?From the UCI’s ruling on the ...

Yoga sequences to make you a stronger cyclist: the beginner version

We cyclists spend too much time working the same muscular groups, so yoga helps to strengthen and rebalance all ...

Introducing a new way to race : the team category

There’s endless reasons why riding as a team is a game changer for many riders. From startline banter, to that ...

Real answers to the big questions: with Julien Verlay

What should be worth more, your bike or your car? Do you need to match your bar tape with your saddle? And what ...

Haute Route Watopia 2021: Stages description

Download the Haute Route Watopia's Roadbook   STAGE 1 

The ultimate fuelling guide to indoor training

Indoor training has become a regular part of a cyclists training plan. Whether you enjoy riding and racing with ...

Real answers to the big questions: with Moustafa Fawzy

Shaved legs, electronic gears, why the Dolomites is better than the Alps and the best advice for riders new to ...

10 tips for racing on Zwift

Former pro and cycling coach extraordinaire  Stefan Kirchmair shares the inside line on racing on Zwift. Step up ...

Register with confidence with our flexible cancellation policy

From unforeseen injuries to global pandemics,  our  flexible registration policy has you covered, so you can ...


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