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The Haute Route

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Six tips to build an effective training plan

Swiss cycling coach and co-founder of  Ruffaut Cycling System, Loïc Ruffaut provides us with 6 tips to build an effective training program and help you reach your goals.

Yoga sequences to make you a stronger cyclist: the beginner version

We cyclists spend too much time working the same muscular groups, so yoga helps to strengthen and rebalance all ...

The ultimate fuelling guide to indoor training

Indoor training has become a regular part of a cyclists training plan. Whether you enjoy riding and racing with ...

10 tips for racing on Zwift

Former pro and cycling coach extraordinaire  Stefan Kirchmair shares the inside line on racing on Zwift. Step up ...

Tips to fuel right for every winter ride

We all know setting out for cold-weather rides is a challenge at the best of times. But maintaining your training ...

5 Reasons to Train for Cycling Year Round

While many of us are cycling year round because  it’s what we love to do, there are important reasons why you ...

8 ways to make your turbo trainer more enjoyable

While they may have grown in popularity as a necessary evil in cold winters, turbo trainers have become a big part ...

Eight yoga poses to boost your cycling recovery

Cycling is not just a question of proper training but also about being able to recover quickly and efficiently. ...

Why the pros practice the pedalling and you should too

Learn from our friends at Wattbike about how to increase your pedalling efficiency and how it will improve your ...

Finding Moments for strength and conditioning in everyday life

Former Haute Route Elite Ambassador  Colby Pearce is the world master’s record holder in the men’s 45-49 age ...


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