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The best rides around Central Valais

You only need to spend a short period of time in Valais to understand how and why it’s a mecca for serious road biking in Switzerland. The region offers an enormous network of remarkable cycling routes, featuring everything from cascading terraced ...

The five best rides around Girona

Very few places in the world match Girona for its cycling appeal. Since professionals started flocking to the ...

The best climbs you’ve never heard of: La Grande Dixence

There’s something about the mountains that speaks to us as cyclists, draws us in and humbles us. It could be the ...

The best climbs you’ve never heard of: Col du Sanetsch

On paper, the Col du Sanetsch has nothing special to offer. It sits in just another side valley of the beautiful ...

The legends: St. Gotthard Pass

It’s no secret that the Swiss alps don’t enjoy the same high profile cycling glory of their French and Italian ...


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